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But we will continue to provide the same High Quality Products and Services.

Our current building, which has been our home for many years, is being sold by its owners. However, we want to assure you that we are not going out of business. We remain committed to serving you and providing the same high-quality products and services you’ve come to expect.

Read our letter about the sale of our building.


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Franktronics has positions open for:

Franktronics has an opening for a Tier 2 Technician.
If you are a highly motivated and independent individual with experience with PCs, networks, and more, see our careers page for a job description and application. This position involves in-field work at customer locations.

See our Careers page for more info.

Need help working remotely?
Give us a call for options and help configuring your systems.

If your office is closing to the public, this is a great time for computer maintenance or a free site survey.

On-line school? Let us tune up your computer for optimal performance.

“Guess Who I Am?” SCAM

Read the original article.

There is telephone scam going around where scammers call or text you phishing for information. They usually start by saying they have a new phone number and ask you to Guess who I Am?

The scammers are trying to get your personal or financial information, often by claiming to be a family member in trouble and needing money right away.

If you receive an call or text that sounds suspicious, hang up and contact the person they claim to be directly through a trusted phone number.

Virus removal and repairs

Virus Removal & Repairs

We can remove the viruses and malware that cause your computer to run slower and remove those annoying pop-ups. Diagnostics, motherboards, laptop displays, power supplies, memory, and more.

We Service & Repair
All PC Brands

New Lenovo Computers

New Computer Sales

Franktronics is your local Lenovo Partner providing sales, service, and support. We’ve chosen Lenovo for their high quality and support to ensure you’re satisfied with your new computer.

Lenovo Laptops, Tablets,
Computers & Servers.

Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Lenovo Servers, workstations, networking, maintenance, data backups, software development, systems integration, and PCI compliance assistance. As a Cox Partner, we can help improve your Internet connection.

Franktronics is your local, full service IT department.

On Site Support

On-Site Support

Our mobile repair center is fully equipped and stocked to serve all of your computer, networking, and telephone needs including virus removals and repairs. Ask about our Free Site Survey.

Free Site Survey
Call 804-642-5233

Upcoming Events



Aug 12 all-day

On this day in 1981, IBM introduced the Model 5150 personal computer.


CLOSED: Labor Day

Sep 2 all-day

Franktronics will be closed for the Labor Day Holiday.


CLOSED: Thanksgiving

Nov 28 – Nov 29 all-day

Franktronics will be closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday on Thursday and Friday.


Computer Security Day

Nov 30 all-day

How to Celebrate Computer Security Day
The most obvious way to celebrate Computer Security day would be to focus on ensuring that your computer, your devices, and the data you have in the cloud are all secure. One very important thing to do for your online security is to have strong passwords and keep them updated regularly, as this reduces the chances of your personal data falling into the wrong hands. If you aren’t the sort of person who’s good at coming up with strong passwords (and let’s be honest, some of us aren’t), then there are a number of password managers which you can choose from to generate random passwords and also save them so you don’t have to remember.

One strategy is to mix upper and lowercase letters with symbols, as this can be harder to guess and also difficult to hack – and passwords increase in difficulty the longer they are. Surprisingly, it doesn’t seem that everyone would think to do this, because “123456” and “password” have remained the two most popular passwords for years now. And don’t use the same password over and over for every online account you have – this ensures that if someone manages to get into one of your accounts, then they can access all of your accounts. Bad idea. So make strong passwords, don’t recycle them, and update them regularly.

Another thing which you can do to celebrate Computer Awareness Day is to update all of your spyware and malware protection software. Follow up with thorough scans, and you should have a more secure computer or device as an end result. While you may be aware that computers require such protection, you should also remember that your other devices such as tablets and smartphones are also vulnerable to malware and spyware – so take the necessary measures to keep them secure. And if you still have a computer running the outdated Windows XP or Vista, you should be aware that this creates huge security vulnerabilities for you. So upgrade your OS or your device. For the rest of us with more contemporary operating systems, it’s still important to install the regular security updates in order to stay safe.

You can also observe Computer Security Day by encrypting all of your files and backing them up. Your device should give you the option to encrypt all of your files (this is typically found amongst the settings), and then it’s your choice whether to go for a physical device such as an external hard drive or USB drive or for any of the numerous online cloud storage options. Many of these offer encrypted storage, and while Google’s Drive is probably the best-known, it’s far from the only player in the field. And most of the cloud storage options are free up to a certain limit.

So remember Computer Security Day, and observe it in whatever way you can because online safety and security are important things. But maybe you’re a Luddite, and don’t interact with computers and smartphones in any way at all, whatsoever – then how did you come across this article? See, you are using a computer or another device. But is it secure?


CLOSED: Christmas

Dec 24 – Dec 25 all-day

Franktronics will be closed for the Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

See the complete calendar.

Web and Email Services

Web Services

Domain names. Web Site design and maintenance. Personal and business email. Custom software and database applications. We are your one-stop for your web presence.

Domain Names, Web Sites,
& Email Services

Cox Business Logo

Cox Business

As a Cox Business Partner, Franktronics can help you negotiate installation and service plans with Cox Business., including internet and telephones.

Get Cox Services for your Business

Lenovo Partner
Western Digital Partner
Partner Program Specialist Small Midsize Business Segment
Intel Technology Partner
Cisco Registered Partner

News and Events

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What Our Customers Have To Say:

I visited your store on 1/15/17 to obtain answers to set up questions about a new Lenovo laptop I had purchased from the Lenovo website. I also needed some accessories. The attentive and friendly technicians answered all of my questions with patience and thoroughness. I purchased the accessories and received answers to all my questions, leaving your business completely satisfied. I have recommended your company to friends in the past and Monday’s transaction only reinforced my commendations.  I am not computer savvy, but knowing Franktronics is just that and is willing to assist me when issues arise gives me piece of mind to forge ahead in the world of technology (though I still preface it with ugh).


Can’t get any faster service than that.
Again, WOW!

Bob T

What Can We Do For You:

  • Virus, Spyware, and Malware Removal
  • Computer Repairs
  • New Lenovo Computers
  • On-Site Support
  • Networks, Servers, & Printers
  • Large Area WiFi
  • Web Design, Hosting and Email
  • Laptops, Desktops, All-In-Ones, and more

Your Local, Full Service Computer Repair and Retailer


Do you have old computers and electronics and you’re not sure how to dispose of them? We can take most any electronics (except CRT monitors) for recycling. Drop them off during normal business hours for free.

If you bring us your old computer for recycling, we will remove the hard drive and, if it is functional, wipe all data using Department of Defense approved methods. Drives are then recycled separately to prevent anyone from gaining access to your old data.

Questions? Give us a call and we can let you know if we can recycle your old electronics.

Franktronics serves Gloucester, Mathews, Middlesex, West Point, King & Queen, York, Williamsburg, and James City County.  We also travel to areas from Richmond to Norfolk.