Website Design & Support

Web sites have become an essential part of doing business. Without a presence on the web, your business may be loosing customers.  Franktronics will help you register your domain name (, establish email accounts, and develop a custom web site.

Our dedicated web servers utilize the latest Microsoft Windows and Linux Operating Systems providing the features you need to run a successful web site.  From “One-Page” layouts to large scale E-Commerce to custom database development, Frantkronics has the software and hardware resources to meet your needs.

Already have a web hosting service?  Franktronics can maintain your existing web site and help you get the most out of your service provider. 

To start your web site project, give us a call at 804-642-5233 and schedule an appointment to discuss your requirements.

Franktronics can:

  • Create a new domain name or manage your existing domain
  • Host your site on our dedicated servers, or
  • Publish/maintain sites on your server
  • Establish email accounts using your domain name
  • Design your new site or maintain your existing sites
  • Provide complete web site statistics to help you track site usage
  • Custom database design and programming
  • Incorporate WordPress features

Domain Names
Web Hosting  ♦  Web Design

A few of our Site Designs

3 Components to creating your web site

hosting design domain

1.  Site Design – development of the files, graphics, scripts, and software needed to form your web pages

2.  Domain Name -such as, so your customers can find you on the web

3.  Hosting – a computer on the internet where your web site files are placed so they may be accessed by visitors worldwide

Already have a host or domain name?
Let us complete your site for you.

The Process

  1. Homework.  There are several things that you can do before starting the process to make it go faster and easier: develop several options for a domain name, find a few web sites with colors, layouts, or other features you want to see in your web site, develop a list of terms and phrases that you think people will search for to find your web site, and gather up as many pictures, logos, and other materials as you can.
  2. Proposal. Meet with our web designers to discuss your ideas, review the features you are looking for, and develop a site concept.  Our web designers will review the design information and develop a proposal to complete the initial web site
  3. Draft. Once we have developed a home page and a few sample pages, we will make the site available for you to review.  We will incorporate your design changes and comments until you are happy with the site.
  4. Publish.  The site will then be published to your domain name.

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