Preparing for a Major Storm or Hurricane

Gloucester Tornado

When a major storm, such as a Hurricane, is approaching our area, you need to take steps to protect your computers, infrastructure, and data.

Our objective is to make sure our clients are appropriately prepared in case of an upcoming
hurricane or major storm. Damage to computer equipment can be caused by rain, wind or debris with a major cause of damage being power spikes and surges, extended power outages or repeated power
outages in rapid succession.  Taking the appropriate precautions can reduce or eliminate damage to computer hardware and software.

You and your business should develop a plan to back up and store your critical data, shut down your equipment, and, if necessary, move your equipment to a safer location.

In short, you should:

  • Back up all data and move offsite – preferably multiple copies to multiple locations
  • Shutdown and power off all electronic equipment
  • Unplug all equipment
  • Cover equipment with plastic to protect from water damage
  • Ensure all equipment is at least 2 feet off the floor in case of flooding
  • If necessary, move equipment to a safer location

Please download our Guidelines for Preparing for a Major Storm for more details.

How to Prepare for a
Major Storm

Ensure you and your business prepare and protect your critical IT infrastructure

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